Literarni natječaj Hrvatskog udruženja profesora engleskog jezika

Učenice Maria Milanović Vugrač (5.c) i Lara Bakovljanec (7.b) sudjelovale su na literarnom natječaju Hrvatskog udruženja profesora engleskog jezika. Marijina priča je konkurirala u kategoriji do 1000 riječi, a Larina u onoj do 2000 riječi.

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Have you ever thought that somewhere in the world there is a person who has
Well, what if I tell you that a long time ago there was a boy who had superpowers? His name
was Jack.
However, Jack didn’t know he had superpowers. He was a boy like all the others. He
went to school, and he had an older brother and a younger sister. His brother’s name was
Luke, and he was going to middle school. His sister’s name was Jessica, and she went to
kindergarten. They were really close to each other, but their parents weren't really in a good
relationship. Jack’s father liked to drink a lot, and his mother wasn’t very happy with that.
They would also fight a lot. Once, Jack’s father accused Jack’s mother of cheating. After that
fight they didn’t talk to each other for days.
Jack’s mom worked as a dentist, and his father was a director of a company. At least
that is what Jack thought. The boy’s parents went to work really early, so they left Jack’s
older brother Luke to look after Jack and Jessica. After Jack went to school Luke drove Jessica
to kindergarten. Jack had a lot of friends at school, but there was one friend that he loved
the most. His name was Lucas. Jack and Lucas became best friends last year. He also had a
crush. Her name was Vanessa and she was the prettiest girl in school. She had long, blonde
hair, freckles, beautiful green eyes, and she was really skinny. Almost every guy in school
was in love with her. Jack knew he didn’t have a chance with her but he never gave up. He
knew she liked roses so one day he decided to put a bouquet of roses in her locker. He also
put a note that said “I like you“. He was waiting for Vanessa to come to her locker and see
the roses. After 5 minutes of waiting, she finally came. Vanessa opened her locker and the
bouquet fell down. She picked it up and immediately started blushing. Jack was really happy.
When he got home that day his mom made dinner. His dad wasn’t home as usual. He
was probably at the bar drinking. With or without his dad home he enjoyed the spaghetti his
mom made. After dinner they all went to sleep. The next day he woke up and he had no idea
what was waiting for him. He got to school. Lucas asked him if he studied for the maths test.
Jack’s face turned white. He totally forgot about the test. So, what did he decide to do? He
skipped school. And he somehow got away with it. Jack got to the front door of his home
and then he realised that his older brother was still home. He tried to sneak in through the
back door, but his brother saw him on the cameras and he waited for him the kitchen. As
soon as Jack thought he would be able to sneak in, his brother appeared in front of him
“Well, well, well… Look who we have here,“ Luke said. Jack felt shivers coming down
his spine. He got scared when Luke just jumped in front of him, but he got more scared when
he realised in what kind of situation he got in. Jack started explaining to his older brother.
“Luke, please let me explain. So, today I had a math test, and I didn't know I had it. I didn't
study for it. So, I thought it was better to run away than get a bad grade. Can you please not
tell mom and dad?“. Luke promised that he won't tell mom and dad on one condition. That
was to never skip school again. Jack agreed.

The next day Jack got to school, and the teachers asked him why wasn’t he in school
the day before. Jack said he was coughing and thought he was sick. The teachers believed
him and Lucas was shocked about it all day. He couldn’t believe that teachers actually
believed him and let him get away with it.
As soon as Jack got home he started studying for the math test that he would take
the next day. Tomorrow at school Jack was a little nervous about the test. Math was his last
lesson and he was preparing for the test throughout the whole day. When Jack got home
Luke asked him how the test went. “Fine, but I don’t expect an A,” he replied.
The school year was coming to an end and prom date was coming closer.
“I’m planning on asking Vanessa to go to prom with me,” Jack told Lucas. “You don’t have a
chance,” Lucas said. Jack didn’t listen. Next day at school it was Friday and Jack’s class had
swimming class. Jack hated the swimming class because all the boys in his class had abs and
he and his best friend were the only ones without. Vanessa was in that class too, and Jack
thought that Vanessa won’t even look at him when she sees his body. That day in the
swimming class they were doing diving. Jack noticed something strange while diving. He
noticed a few blue dots on his legs and arms, but he didn’t think it was anything special.
Finally, weekend came. Jack thought he was free, but his parents both went on a
work trip and Luke was leaving for a scholarship to Ireland, so Jack and Jessica had to stay at
their grandmother’s house. Staying at granny’s house was a living hell for Jack. He needed to
do all the house chores because granny was old, and she couldn’t do it all by herself.
The weekend passed quickly, and it was prom week. Prom was on Wednesday, and
until Wednesday all of the students didn’t go to class because everyone was decorating the
On Tuesday night Jack got ready to ask Vanessa. He sent her a message and she replied
immediately. She wrote: “Hi Jack, a lot of guys have already asked me out, but I think I’m
gonna go with you. Thanks for asking ����“.
Prom night came. Jack was ready for the big moment. He walked into the hall only to see
Vanessa dancing with Lucas. He walked up to them.
“Vanessa, what is going on? I thought you were my date?“
“Oh sweetie, I am sorry, Lucas was just prettier and nicer than you.“
“I told you that you didn’t have a chance,“ Lucas grinned.
Jack felt sadness and anger at the same time. He ran to the bathroom and started crying.
While crying, he felt something burn his knee. He looked down and saw that he was crying
lava. Jack thought he was dreaming, but he then looked back at the burn on his knee, and
realised it wasn’t a dream. He ran home as fast as he could.
“What’s wrong?” Jack’s parents asked. Jack told them what happened and that he
started to cry lava. His parents looked at each other. “He is ready,“ his dad said. Jack was
confused. “Let us explain,” mum continued. “In our family we had blood of superheroes
through generations. And we all have superpowers. Even me and your dad. I have
telekinesis, and your dad has super strength. It looks like you have lava or fire.“ Jack was
looking at them in shock. His mum continued: “As you know, I work as a dentist, and your

father works as a director. Well, it’s not really that way. We both actually work as secret
agents at a superhero company.“ Jack was really shocked but also angry because his parents
were hiding it from him all this time. His parents were waiting for him to say something, but
he didn’t. He was stuck deep in his thoughts. Suddenly, he remembered the blue dots that
appeared on his body while diving. “Mom, dad I noticed something while diving on Friday. I
realised that when I’m in water some type of blue dots appear on my hands and legs.“ Jacks
parents had an even bigger smile on their faces when they heard that from Jack. His mom
said: „Oh, Jack baby, you probably have the blood of your grandfather. Your grandfather was
a multy-powered superhero. And now you are too. You have fire and water in you.“ Jack
started feeling excited and he wondered how to control the powers. “As time goes on, you
will learn to control them,“ his parents said.
And exactly that happened. As time went on, Jack got used to his powers and learned
how to control them. He also became the hero of the town. Because he was forbidden to
uncover his identity, he called himself the Super Boy. Now because he was popular as a
hero, he didn’t need Lucas or Vanessa to make him happy. He was happy with the life he
That is how the story of the Superhero boy comes to its end. Jack’s story also teaches
you a lesson. You don’t need others to make your life happier. You should be grateful for the
life that belongs to you.

STUDENT: Lara Bakovljanec (7th grade)
MENTOR: Maja Mitrović Laškarin
SCHOOL: OŠ “Antun Nemčić Gostovinski” Koprivnica
My bestie and me

One sunny day a new girl came to our class. She was tall and slim and she had long
blond hair. Her name was Mary and she was very shy. Mary was a little worried
about coming to a new school. But I liked her at first sight because she was really
nice and sweet.
In form class our teacher said, „Today we have Mary with us.“
“Welcome to our class, Mary!“, we said.
“Yes, teacher?“ I said.
“Can you show Mary our bathroom and the library?“
“Yes, I would like that!“

The bell rang for the end of class.
“Where is the library?“ Mary asked me.
“Here, I'll show you. First you go left and then straight and there's the library. It's
open now. It closes at 6 pm.“
“Thank you very much!“, Mary said.
“You're welcome! Oh, yes, I almost forgot! The bathroom is across our English
“Now I know, thanks!“
“Have fun, bye! See you, Mary!“

When I was walking home I saw Mary again.
“Hey, Mary! What are you doing?“
“Oh, Maria, my little puppy Max ran away yesterday and I'm worried!
“No way!“

“Yes!“, Mary cried.
“Just a minute! Is your puppy brown?“, I asked.
“Yes, he is.“
“He is right here! Look!“
“You are the best, Maria! Thank you so much!“
“Well, actually he saw you so he found you! That means you are a really good
owner!“ I said.
“Maybe...“, Mary said.
“You are!“
“I'm glad to hear that. Maria, do you want to stay for a glass of juice?“
“I'm sorry, but I can't. Mom is waiting for me because we are going to visit my
“OK. Bye!“, Mary said.
Next day at school Mary and I sat together and it was amazing, the best! We
laughed in the 15-minute break.

But, around a month later, I told Mary we were moving. I didn't know where, but it
was difficult.
One day Mary said: “We are going to drink that juice today!“
“Yes, sure! Finally!“
We were drinking juice and talking about school and how to stay such good friends
like now.

“I think we are moving to another city,“ I said.
“Come on!“ Mary was surprised.
“I'm not sure, I'll know more tomorrow.“

“OK. And when are you moving?“
“In June,“ I replied.
“So soon? In six months? “, Mary asked.
“Yes... But we are going to be just fine, you and me!“
Time was flying like crazy! Month after month, May came.

“Maria, I never asked you again, where are you moving?“
“Tell me already!“, Mary said.
“To your neighbour's house, Mary! We are going to be even closer now! I'm so, so
“Me too!!!“, Mary screamed.

School was almost done, and Mary and me were even better friends! Almost best
friends. Mary's birthday was in two days, and I had just a perfect present!
That was one beautiful necklace. Actually, there were two parts and when they are
matched it says: U are my bestie!

The day Mary celebrated her birthday was amazing! And Mary was so happy!
“Here you go my bestie!“, I said.
“No way! My God! I wanted this necklace! How?... How did you know?“
“I did not, I just thought that's good idea.“
“I think that is my second favourite present,“ Mary said.
“What is the first one?“
“Come on, tell me, Mary!“

“OK, OK! My mom told me I'm going to be a...“
I couldn't wait for Mary's answer. “What? A... What?!“
“A big sister! She told me today! I am so glad! I can't believe this! I have a bestie
and I am going to be an older sister!“ Mary said.
“Do you know if it is a boy or a girl?“
“It is...“
“A boy? A girl?“ I asked again.
“A boy!“ Mary said.
“Wow! I can't believe it!“
“Me neither! This is the best year of my life!“

My bestie and me lived in one beautiful world full of happiness. We found out that
life can be sad too, but we need to be positive and find happiness in friends and

STUDENT: Maria Milanović Vugrač (5th grade)
MENTOR: Maja Mitrović Laškarin
SCHOOL: OŠ “Antun Nemčić Gostovinski” Koprivnica